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Summer Paradise!

oh my goodness what to do with all this gorgeousness on the open range?!!!  in every direction is it blue skies, green fields and bird song.  there is no need to go on vacation when you live out here on the beautiful range.

we have seen some beautiful scenes within a 50 mile of here:  Iroquois Island in the McGregor Bay last Monday evening was a sight to behold with the full moon rising up over the islands.  wow!  and one of our fave places here on this island:  Meldrum Bay, at the Lighthouse (watch out for the poison ivy!), which we visited twice last week during the “heat wave”.  that heat wave business doesn’t mean a thing when you’re up to your neck in the crystal clear waters of the giant Lake Huron.


there is Jazzy Moon in the big water, Meldrum Bay, Friday, July something or other.


Boom!!!  what a show!


an island adventure folks, we don’t need to leave home as it’s a holiday gift at nearly every turn.


it isn’t always easy to get some work done with a heat wave landing on your front lawn every day for the past 45 days but i managed to muster this one, a 16×20 inch on canvas, titled:  Medicine at New Moon.  and now long gone!


Mariposa Folk Festival

Hi there!  And a special hello to all you folks I met at the festival this past weekend in the groovy town of Orillia!  What a weekend!  That spot I had, under the cedar trees, next to the lake:  beauty!  The adventures with the wind and the rain on Friday and Saturday:  bonus!

After it was all said and done I rolled out of the festival around 10 p.m. Sunday and hit the 400 northbound, the open road with the moon and the stars, a few of my favourite musical numbers, and some very worn out feet!  The drive was a beauty with many late night stops along the way but I had it in my mind that I was going to see the sunrise from that famed place:  Ten Mile Point, on highway 6, Manitoulin Island.

Here is a snap shot of said sunrise, Monday, July 11th.


Arrived home to find one of our cats ready to deliver those kittens she had stowed.  So when I departed for Mariposa we had 4 cats.  Today we have 4 cats and 4 kittens!  What an adventure!