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Monday: Alone

And so here it is at the half way point in August, 3/4’s through another summer.  But the days have not all gone without adventure!  There have been many amusing adventures over the past 4 weeks and at this point in time the only thing I wish I had of done was taken more pictures!

What a summer!

So here I am on a Monday, alone, waiting for paint to dry.  I have CBC Radio 2 playing classical, and an open window with a breeze and a view.  Beyond that:  it is nothing but me and the open fields and big sky.  Well I have a very pleasant memory from this morning: a visit to a local, viewing art with a fellow artist.  The only thing missing from that experience was Chopin’s Nocturnes playing over the house sound.

Yes indeed what a summer.

And so as requested in recent days/weeks, a recent photo of the artist!  Taken on Saturday, August 13.  Taken on the first day in a month when I found myself truly alone.  The girls were down south.  Our summer visitors all gone.  The yard was empty.  The drive too.  It was me and the gigantic silence we get out here.  The sky was dark at 3 p.m., we’d just received our first rain in 70 days!


“Portrait of an Artist as a Middle Aged Man”

in paint, wind, and poetry

Friday afternoon on the open range: the rain we were told about never showed.  But it’s okay as here we are on the almighty, 430 p.m., at our destination.  We’re not in the smoking confines or on the 400 highways.  We are here, ready for the weekend and night music.  What a grand and glorious week it has been!

And so!  This morning when I went to the local to put my 5 bucks on the 60 mill lottery for tonight, I saw a glam girl in her early 20’s near the magazine rack, looking at a fashion mag and semi looking at her phone.  She saw me and in her defence, from the ankles up, I am indeed one of the meanest looking sons of guns anyone ever did see!  But it was below the ankles which caught her attention:  I was wearing my sweet Jazzy Moon’s hot pink flip flops and of course my toe nails were painted a beautiful copper sun!  (Ha!)  And that is just what happened!  She smirked.  Chuckled.  Looked away.  Looked back.  Chuckled a little more and I could see it building into that maniacal style laugh where she’d soon be holding onto something with one hand to steady herself, holding her other hand over her flat belly, laughing uncontrollably.  Fun stuff.  I chuckled as I made my way into the liquor store.  Time 930 a.m.

You see things have change out here in a short 13 hours!

This afternoon I had a few minutes to crack open one of my fave books of poetry and found T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”, and it struck me, with the river, the wind, the big skies of grey, the green fields, and of course the birds.  I’d like to read it to you but I’m pretty sure Marlon can do it much better and so here it is:

Heat Warning!

We’re going on 70 days with no rain up here on the twinravens range.  The lawns are bone dry and haven’t been mowed in 2 weeks.  The river really is slowing to a crawl but let me tell you that river is solid gold come 3 p.m.  Here is a little snap shot of this morning’s sunrise:


She’s one of those classic summer mornings in progress.  But gosh it’s hot already!

Yesterday I had a great time visiting with an art collector from down south and together we had a chance to look at some local First Nations art in one of the galleries on the rez, not far from here.  We saw some beauty pieces, both paintings and wearable including a few bear claw necklaces.  You can’t have too much art in one day so we ended up on the north shore of this great island, on a dock with a view!



The shadows too are sometimes quite interesting, quite artsy.

What a great day.  And what a great summer!  70 days of blue skies, blazing sunshine, art and music, moons and the Milky Way.  Yes indeed: this is Great!