Here it is Friday once again: and my how quickly things can be switched out!  Whoosh!  Last week it was the open range, the big blue, the mighty green and everything in between but just me.  This week we’re in with them:


Thought I’d do a little sight seeing this morning and took a stroll down through the hornet’s nest!  10 a.m. at the fun house!


There she is as seen from the east/north east.  I would have slipped a photo of the canal in there but the water at the locks was absolutely filthy and filled with this horrible looking Tim Horton coffee coloured foam…  Yucko.


That’s the big house:  the National Gallery of Canada.  (I put my imagination to work and imagine that as a home on the south shore of Manitoulin Island, over looking the Great Lake Huron.  On of course about 500 acres.  What a summer cottage that would make yes?)


Yes.  I could imagine that being the front entrance to my summer home!


Well there she is: the National Gallery of Canada.  Maybe one day I’ll have a show in there huh?  Just like Norval, Daph, and now I see they have Alex booked for the new year.


You’ll have to get past the U.S. Marines to get into that crib!


Cranes:  part of the leadership clan in the old Ojibwe community!  Going to work in the downtown, just outside the Chateau Laurier!  Great morning for a walk, tourist style, through the quick part of the nation’s capital.

Well I’ve been here a week.  We’re a long way from those spider webs at sunrise in a field filled with crickets!  Gone for now, be the river and the waterfalls, the horses and the crows.


Gone are the rough boards and the sweet wilds of the summer.  Now we’re in with the super concrete, sirens, close quarters and wild amusements.  Let’s see what we can do with it!