Beauty scenes last night with a big moon sailing over the wilds of Highway 7, Markham, Ontario.  Thought I would take my point and shoot camera and snap a few photos of the kooky scenes.


We’re a long way from the boon docks up there on the 9th!


That’s highway 7 down there, filled at hours it seems, with folks going east and west.


This is the path I use to take at all hours, going north and south, east and west, with trusted friend, Good Old Poochie.  (Of course the pooch’s real name is Akina)  This photo was taken way back on August 22nd.  Seems like a long long time ago now.


That’s the open range on August 22nd, at sunrise.  Boy oh boy there are times when I think  things are going to stay that way and I’m a fool for doing it, thinking like that.