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Fun times at the NAC

It isn’t every Friday night you get a chance to hear Beethoven and Schumann mixed together with scratch tracks while watching LIVE painting!  The National Arts Centre cooked up a party last night called Classical Collisions and it turned out to be a full house, wild and crazy show!  The live painting was provided by local graffiti artists working jumbo size panels.


You can see on the table, the dude’s gear is mainly high end spray can paint.  I watched this guy working and there wasn’t a lot of brush work happening.


By the end of the night (11:30) he’d come up with this!  (That’s suppose to be the boys, Bee and Schu, getting things sorted out.)


For music they had some crazy kid up there screwing around with a record player and who knows what all but they eventually added some live musicians, cats from the NAC orchestra took the stage and mixed some live with recorded and it was an interesting sound.


A seemingly “well heeled” venue, folks of all ages arrived and were dressed in flashy “downtown”, down to rags.  And let me tell you the funny things you hear from some of those 30 something and 40 something women when they see an Indian in the midst!


Of course they had to have the general issue canvas/wall where the wannabes could get wiggly and I, being one of the 500 or more wannabes in the joint, had to take a turn!

A great time, too bad the NAC only cooks up a party like this every now and again instead of say, monthly.

At the Atomic Rooster

Back in Life Drawing class!  Well not so much a classroom, the Atomic Rooster is a busy little bar on Bank Street just south of Somerset, smack dab in the middle of some urban scenes in this town.  One of the lads, Peter, I think he organized the event and I’d seen it advertised on Facebook and knew it would be kind of fun, going back in to draw some live humans instead of…   Well.  You know.

On the way I saw a big wing ding going on at the Cube Gallery on Wellington.  The lights were blazing bright at 7 p.m. and the place looked packed to the rafters with all kinds of flashy folks so I thought I better pull over and check it out.  Don had a full house alright and what seems to be a “two day only” show happening.  Nice abstract work!

I was out of there inside of twenty minutes and down to the Rooster!  And so here is one of three:


Best Western Black ink pen on 60 pound paper, 7×10″.  Of course the model didn’t look like that nor was she dressed like that.  They switch out the models and last night they had three of them.  This gal was dressed up as a witch!  But I went to town and turned it into this.  You see I’m always dreaming, both night and day, about the range lands, the river, the blue and the green and the gigantic peace that goes along with it, and of course the people there.

I’m rusty.  After I got started with my drawings I realized the last time I sat in a room full of artists, going to work with a live model, was about thirty years ago, back when I was in art school!  Holy Shoot!  Dang straights you’re going to be rusty that long away.  The other artists in the room were definitely a long way from student level.  At the end of the night we were to pick our favourite sketch and display it on the stage, an open, group art show of sorts, for folks to take a looksie.  Yes indeed there were some serious players in that group.  Very nice work.  And every one of them different and unique-wah.

So it was an enjoyable and friendly time, with very beautiful girls modelling, a relaxed atmosphere, the Bluejays Wild Card game playing on the TV above the bar, and dope smoke blowing in the open front door.

Once it was said and done I thought I’d snoop the earlier pages in my sketch book and what a journal it is…  Like this one from May 1, 2016.


Next and last question:  What does an artist do with all of these sketch books?  I mean really, I must have a hundred of them.  Where do they end up?