Some of us men are lucky men.  We get some of the greatest things imaginable.


That’s Jazzy Moon outside the National Gallery of Canada.  You see that drink she’s holding?  That flipping thing was SUPER ICE cold.  We had the good fortune on Wednesday of a beauty hot November afternoon but that drink…


We walked into the National Gallery, first time together in many moons.  I said to Jazzy Moon:  imagine if this was your crib!  And what a crib:  down on the south shore of Manitoulin Island, on limestone beaches and 500 acres…  yes.  I can imagine that!


Jazz seeing a Van Gogh for the first time.


Jazz pondering a Picasso.


Jazz using the almighty!


Jazz with a Jackson Pollock.  We got into a discussion about where some of my art comes from!


First time going eye ball to eye ball with a Rothko:  more art history explaining and a solid 15 minutes of look time.  Wow.  We need to go down south and see the other ones.


Jazz digging “Voice of Fire”, in actual.


Jazzy grooving a Renoir.  (i told her there were some doozies yet to see!)


Going 3D:  seriously pondering a Rodin.


Imagining the tastes and fragrances inside a “Third Class Carriage”.


Jazzy Moon taking time with a Turner.


Pondering a work of art that is anywhere between 300 and 500 years old!  Imagine that!


Me:  Truly and deeply digging a Kent Monkman.  (you know sometimes you can get some not so good advice.  you can take it or leave it and unfortunately for me i was foolish enough to take it.  lucky for us, if Kent ever heard anything like what i did, he just went ahead and did it anyway.  good for him!  and there he is, same age as me, and he’s in the National Gallery of Canada.)


Jazz stopping next to the ultra MOD German scene and wondering WHAT?!!!


European West:  I told my sweet Jazzy Moon we have to, at times, forget where we came from.  Sometimes we have to forget everything we’ve been told.


You can’t have too much art in one day.  I was told this back in art school and I said this to Jazz as we came out to the Great Hall.  Indeed a Great Hall it is!  With the art behind us, all that was left was to walk.


We can take ourselves to many places in this life time.  I was happy to take my daughter back to one of my personal fave places.


What a difference a day makes!

Some of us men are lucky.  Some of us get the greatest things imaginable.