643 p.m. on Monday night, December 19, rolling up on another Christmas.  Gosh it is supra DARK out every window.  The wind is out there too, not shaking the tent but voicing.  Inside all is well, by the light of candles and a maple blaze in the fireplace.


Raven artwork on stone, 6×8″, by Lynne Gerard.


Raven artwork on stone, 9×11″, with stone candle holder, by Lynne Gerard.


Raven artwork on stone, 7×10″, by Lynne Gerard.

These are three of my favourite pieces in the collection, created by one of my favourite artists, the Great Lynne Gerard.  Her gallery is in the Gore Bay Harbour Centre here on Manitoulin Island, open year round.  Look for the Ravenseyrie Studio & Art Gallery.


Wow!  What beauty!