and so here we are once again at the end of another year.  thought i would take a short stroll into the outback here on the range, take one last look for 016 at those trees and those trails i’ve made!


change comes along no matter what we plan.


i don’t know about you but when i get to this point in the year i always wonder what is going to happen next.  there was a point in time when i was younger i had a pretty good idea what was going to happen.  what good things were just down the road!  but as the years march past, one by one, with fewer pairs of eyes looking back at me, i’ll just up and say it:  i have no idea what is going to happen anymore.


except maybe for this one thing, and this is a good one!  i read through the local CBC pages online and saw the headline:  “Author Joseph Boyden defends Indigenous heritage after investigation, Author claims ‘mostly Celtic heritage,’ with Nipmuc roots on his father’s side, Ojibway on his mother’s”.  it’s quite a story, now on the CBC back pages, old news as it came out yesterday.  if my novel gets anywhere in the coming year, i won’t be defending my Indian heritage!  that much is for sure!

while i stood alone amongst the mighty trees, i thought about that novel project of mine and how it’s finally nearing completion, just a few minor tune ups and it will be ready to go.  but i wonder what troubles i’ll have getting it published.  i mean here i am an Ojibwe Indian from the Sagamok Indio rez, creatively writing about the 60’s Scoop, something i know a thing or two about, and i wonder, what are the chances of me getting in the front door?

i guess we’ll soon see as time seems to fly!