I am so looking forward to going over to Toronto on the 26th of January and attending the opening of the Kent Monkman show, “Shame and Prejudice”, at the Arts Centre of the University of Toronto Art Museum!

I remember the first time I saw one of his pictures!  The Indian dude, on the horse, wearing the war bonnet and not much else, and sporting white Hollywood strip dancer style super high heels…  Lightning flashes for this boy!  Wow what a picture!  When my sweet Jazzy Moon and I visited the National Gallery of Canada on a sunny and mild afternoon back in November, we spent a lot of time looking at the gigantic, “The Triumph of Mischief” (7×11 feet!!!), and let me tell you this boy was awe struck!


That’s yours truly very seriously digging what is happening in The Triumph of Mischief.  I can just imagine what a room filled with his work is going to be like!

So!  On the 26th I’m going to get decked out in my “twinravens uniform” and walk myself in there, very much alone, and see this work first hand and hopefully meet the artist.  Hopefully I’ll come back with a photo to share.