All the kooky Joseph Boyden news on the front pages of the CBC this month got me fired up about going in a different direction paint wise.  Instead of fussing with the Ojibwe Woodland style I was hoping to muster up what they taught us in year two at art school.


“Joseph Boyden Meets Grey Owl, Sketch No. 1”, 8×11 inches, Bic pen on paper.

But there’s just one thing!  That business in art school calls up a skill which, I sadly must report, for me, has gone rusty.  Very rusty…  In Sketch No. 1, I’m not so sure we have Joe captured.


“Joseph Boyden Meets Grey Owl, Sketch No. 2”, 8×11 inches, Bic pen on paper.

Pen on paper is one thing, paint on canvas is completely another in my camp.  Gosh!  If I can’t draw the lad there is no way I’m going to be able to paint him!  And of course, also very sad, I’ve gotten away from something as basic as sketching, pen on paper.


Photocopy page layout for the “twinravens art journal”.  We’re talking basic, ball point pen on paper, fooling around while waiting for paint to dry, kind of drawing.  Nothing serious.  Tossing around ideas.  The drawing of the gal is a quick fifteen minutes and going way back to mighty 1996.


Photocopy of page layout for the “twinravens art journal”.  So the idea in basic is to “play”.  Art play.  Nothing more.  The drawing of the guy with the raven war paint, from thundering Feb. 1995,( Whew what a time that was!!!) was suppose to be a painting but I couldn’t translate it over to paint…  Lame.

I look at my Joe Boyden sketches knowing full well that isn’t him and I ask myself:  Chiefy, when did you stray?  How far have you been off the rails in the pen on paper drawing department?  And will you ever settle down long enough to create the things you can see clearly, in the mind?  You see, that 24×36 inch canvas I was looking at on Inauguration Day has been started and I was hoping to maybe have it finished while the whole Joe Boyden thing is still in the hopper.  Well that isn’t happening until I learn how to paint, all over, again!

Oh my goodness this art business at times…