oh my goodness the wild things a fella can see and do in a few short days…


that is home sweet home for this bad boy!  sunrise on the Manitou, Friday, ending of March Break, spring is in the air.  whew.  we’re down to seeing this a few times a season and i’m not sure how happy i am about that.  but a deal is a deal!


outside Lee’s Palace, Sunday morning, 11 a.m.  Jazzy Moon had VIP tickets to a gig and so there we were on Bloor Street, Toronto.  it’s been many a moon since i found myself standing in line to get into this joint!  Sunday morning though it wasn’t me waiting to get in.  the ladies were booked and i was foot loose and fancy free to hit the streets and see some wild art!


someone’s rock and roll machine!  i got to thinking, hey that ride has been there for quite some time.  abandoned?  or a classic rust bucket for those late morning rides down Bloor to Spadina?  either way, nice work.  i just hope the owner isn’t a skeleton in a nearby apartment, sitting on a couch, the tv still on…


waiting at noon…  on Harbord Street.  CTS in the background.


art and artists, they’re everywhere in the city!  (i wonder if those were blue suede shoes…)


walking out front of the Central Technical School.  this old war horse is over a hundred years old!


ah yes…  art and artists everywhere.  this wild scene is on Bagpipe Lane.


that “life’s purpose” bit really got in my grill!  especially with all the kooky goings on in my world over the past several days, weeks, months and years.


my old art instructor said to me:  you can’t have too much art in one day!  (this was back when i was a sprightly 21 and sorry to report, those words of his are some of the few things i brought with me from art school!!!)  so i walked myself out of the back ally and onto the crowded city street where it did indeed strike me:  yes…  art and artists everywhere, this ojibwe boy possibly one of them.

we found ourselves, me and Jazzy Moon, rolling out of the city at 3 a.m., east bound on the 401, going back to the capital city, “La La Land Soundtrack” playing, weird scenes swirling in my mind, not sure what might have been swirling in hers.  we made it though, March Break is behind us for another year.