what day is this?  March 25th, 149 a.m.  ah yes.  so really.  it’s only been 24 hours.  i’m here in snow covered Ottawa, shaking off the drive blues.  and by drive blues i mean: 23 hours on the road!

i started the business day on the 24th at 1 a.m.  i walked out to my waiting limo down there in Markham, it was mild for 1 a.m. in late March, threw my gear in the back seat and took off.  no radio as i had to wiggle my way out of the city and onto the big highway, with a few stops along the way.  no need to pause great music for something silly yes?

the big gig that is Markham and surrounding suburbia, by the thousands, many house lights off, a few house lights on, was quiet.  highway 7 was empty.  i rolled onto the northbound 400 and soon had the red dragon (ha!) up to a tasty and comfortable cruising speed of 150 km/h, at which point i turned on the late night radio.

“Sleep Walk”, as read by Santo and Johnny Farina, 1959!  i kid you not!  this is what came over the airwaves while i was cruising up the 4 lane highway, alone, the dotted lines flying past!  truth is a lot of tunes came over the airwaves because it is all of 550 kms from Markham to the Range via the Poison City, and a snow storm, but this is the one that started us off.

great times in Wikwemikong.  our 10 o’clock went well.  back on the road at 1215 p.m.

i had a request from one of the ladies in the outfit for some “Manitoulin Island honey”, and i had a hankering for some hemp oil out of Manitoba so i stopped by the Island Jar on my way out.


she’s safely delivered this far.  here is what happened at the end of my journey:  like i said, Ottawa is a snowscape.   when you plug another 660 km drive on top of the first 550, hey man…  that’s a drive.  needless to say i was all used up when i was rolling down the 417 in Ottawa, after midnight, wondering what exit i was to take.  the mind will play tricks on you after you’ve seen that much scenery on your own, me thinks.

i got to Island Park hassle free, parked the car and thought about the gear i had stowed.  it can wait till tomorrow is what i was thinking so i grabbed the essentials:  the beer, my computer, the honey, the hemp oil and the phone.  that’s a heavy load after 1200 kms behind the wheel.  i got in the house no probs, was on my into the kitchen with the stuff when that 1 litre glass jar of f’n honey some how came loose and went sailing straight for the oak floor boards…

thank gods my big toe was in the way when it landed…  that was cushion enough, or slowed it enough, or who knows what enough, that when that big heavy jar of honey did hit the floor boards, it just rolled around for a few seconds and came to a stop.

let me tell you that is some way to end the business day…