and so!  the news around the campfire is the late great N.R., short for No Reservations, the Juno and Aboriginal Music Award nominated six piece musical thunder storm that grew out of the native friendship centre in Sudbury, c. 1994, is getting ready to go again.

kids are grown up!  maybe it IS time for this native rock and roll band from the past, to come back.


NR at the Ottawa Folk Festival, way back in 1999.  a thundering rock and roll show!


NR at the Indian Summer Festival, Milwaukee, 2 weeks later.  a war whooping show!

it was ages ago i know, but i’ve never stopped dreaming about this rock and roll band.  here is a true story:  way back in art school, final year, spring time, 1987, the home stretch and victory tour coming up fast, U2 released The Joshua Tree.  i use to listen to Q107 back in those days and i remember hearing “In God’s Country”, and i remember thinking:  i don’t know how, and i don’t know when, but one day i’m going to be playing guitar in a rock and roll band and playing in a show!

i hope and pray the band can get back together and re fire the monster that was a great party band, show band, and in basic:  a really good time.

nice work.  and so we’ll see if the troops still have it.  i’m sure they/we do.  some rehearsal time of course and maybe a few walks around the block, and a couple of tall glasses of clean water…