i wonder at times, often lately, what lies just up ahead not far.  i know i should be paying attention to the here and now, but with the wild goings on in body, mind, spirit, the future, the past, and my many hours alone behind the wheel of a speeding automobile, usually at night, the door is open for a great many things in the future and past.  the past in partic: the many failures in my life.

painting wise:


“Binakwe Geezis”, April 5, 2017, 30×30 inches, acrylic on canvas.  Panel at left:  Private Collection.  Panel at right, upstairs in the main hall.

the moon is up and in full but it is the spring moon and one of the sounds i love to hear is the spring peepers.  back home in the town of Mindemoya, during the 1970’s, i’d go out, looking for that sound.  on the farm, it wasn’t a big trip to find it.  i think i may have heard it last night, far away, but the roar of the traffic on the 401, even my well cared for hearing, had a difficult time tuning it.


“a room in Unionville, Main Street”, Sunday, April 9, 2017″


“the moon over Lake Ontario, on April 9, 2017, south end of Courtice Road,”


“lake Ontario, as seen from the south end of Courtice Road, April 9”

ah but there are shores we have not landed.  my dad reminded me of this and his words, after all these years, came back to me at this moment:  “There are places, boy, no one has ever been.”

and so i rolled down the highway, into the night, the first warm night of the year, wondering, pondering, dreaming, and imagining…   just what is there, up there not far from where we are now?

i had a musical soundtrack for the trip but i found myself listening to this one about a hundred times.