Peter Purdy, “untitled”, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 36×48 inches, twinravens collection.

had the night off so i hit the local main drag here in downtown Ottawa, visited the Atomic Rooster and joined in with the opening party for local FN artist, Peter Purdy.  i’ve been a fan of Peter’s work since i first saw his “Hudson Bay blanket” painting way back in…  was it 2006?  Peter has a few irons in the art fire, hosting the local Art Battle and the Life Drawing Sessions right there at the Atomic Rooster, among others.

i’ll never forget what Peter said to me, the first time we crossed paths, back at Gallery 7a, all those years ago.  i walked in one afternoon, he looked me up and down and said:  you must be a musician or an artist.  or both.


me and artist Peter Purdy, show opening, at the Atomic Rooster, April 11.

the house was packed so it was tough getting in for a close look but let me tell you i stopped a few times in front of that piece up there behind us.  didn’t matter where i was in the room, it seemed those eyes were looking at yours truly, good ole ojibwe indian boy from the Spanish River Indian Reserve, Mark Seabrook.

when i buy art it is usually pottery or…  “wearable” art.  but this one, “untitled”, had me in the crosshairs.  Pete wasn’t around at that moment so i just upped and grabbed a red marker from the bartender and put a red dot on the tag.


here it is before the red dot.  that beauty is now in the twinravens collection, in with the likes of artists like Clipper Mole, Lincoln Croft, Martin Panamick, Daphne Odjig, Lynne Gerard, and others.

wow.  it is true.  you CAN, every now and again, be in the right place at the right time.