the gals in Toronto, Good Friday: perfect day for it too!  i wanted to see the Round House museum to the right of this shot but the girls basically said:  this is a “Dork Free” afternoon…  (so no trains.)


lunch upstairs, CN Tower.  that’s Toronto Island Air and you can see Porter Airlines coming in for a landing.


Jazzy Moon gearing up!  of course she just had to go out on that Edge Walk experience.  fearless of heights, she made the walk and as soon as she was back, wanted to do it again.


yeah!  what a walk!  perfect day for it too.  i think the next time we need to bring our old buddy Morgan!


so there it is.  that’s pretty high up for walking around with no hand rails!  of course the harness is secure but still, that is more than a thousand feet up!


a pleasant day downtown.  i was hoping to get back to my river and my range but ah well, soon enough.