ah but we move around, going from A to B or beyond, and see a great many things!  as for this artist, you might catch me stopping and staring for a few moments, at the scenes along the way.  or if there is a street musician out there, i’ll definitely stop and give them a listen.  or a sunrise…


Highway 7 at McCowan, Markham, Ontario, April 17.  Listen to THAT!

one adventure comes to an end, maybe we take a couple of days off, and embark on another, the ship of course being YOU!  or me in this case.


At the Hunt Club.

“so word is out! everyone knows. no one says anything but everyone knows.
how totally and completely f’d up is that?
and its all my own! it has nothing to do with anyone else. this is my own story: written, directed, produced, and starring ME!  super f’d.”

Words from: Fighting In Hell, A Sixties Scoop Survivor’s Artistic Journey


Visiting some old friends:  twinravens originals, “Tehkummah Scenes”, 2014-2015, acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, Private Collection.

it really is wonderful to see your work matted and framed and hanging in a place of honour in someone’s home.  i remember creating these pieces.  and it was nice to see them again.  i can look at them and say to myself:  hey!  that’s nice work!


“untitled sketch”, 2017, acrylic on canvas board, 15 x15 inches, available/for sale.

we have to keep moving!  there is a lot more art to see, and a lot more art to create.  i’ve got the big book of “Paintings from A to Z, A history of painting from prehistoric times to present day”, Rebo International b.v., 2006, and when you open it, 768 heavy duty pages, the first thing you see is Leo’s Mona Lisa, c. 1503-17.  but when you turn to “section D” to see what they have to say about da Vinci, the first thing you see is Marcel Duchamp’s Mona Lisa with a Moustache, 1919.  oh those crazy Dadaism cats!

we have to get crazy!  or at least i do.  playing it safe never got me anywhere.