many moons ago, another life time it seems, there was music group called:  No Reservations.

i was in it.  and believe you me there truly were no reservations about anything when it came to a rock and roll band, your 20’s, and a life on the road!

inexperienced kids going on about things they have no idea: money.

so last night i went to the guitar shop to buy some new guitar strings, in the spirit of the upcoming festival gig; and of course to snoop the hardware:  amps, flashy guitars, and bullshit.  2 chuckle heads were in there, one was the guitar tech. the other some snail in the local what have you, and they were going on about all the crap going on in Canada these days.  i wondered if either of those brainiacs considered going for President.

what noise!

here are the 2 show bizz guitars i’m looking at:


Ibanez hardware:  show bizz only.   let me know what you think:  the brown one or the black one.


on the bus home i had to switch bus rides and found myself outside Venus Envy, looking in!


it really is up my alley.  i’m not a guy who goes to the beach tucked up tight…


last month’s art show came and went (ha!) with not a word about sales!  so we’ll have to take that to accounting and see what is up with anything to do with next year.


funny combo of store fronts!  oh those crazy liberals!  (Bank Street, Ottawa, ON.)


check that out!  there might be people living up there!  that’s the art store on Bank Street, 10 p.m., Thursday night!  wow.  never saw lights on up there before…

NR: a million years ago, before we got up to making records and going out on the road.

it was a great band.  i wonder if it can still BE!