i’m a baseball fan so i’m very happy to be listening to the Bluejays, game one, on the radio and fussing with the paint brushes: now that is a grand work day for an old Ojibwe boy like me.  the sun is blazing.  sweet indeed!


Woodland style Moose with 3 ravens:  acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches.  Available, we ship anywhere.

when i was in the art store this morning i saw some pretty huge stretched canvas ready to go.  one of them clocked in at 60×120 inches: wow!  as soon as i saw it my imagination placed this Woodland style Moose on that big canvas, but the complete moose right down to the hoof, with ravens deluxe.  none of this 3 ravens business.  i was seeing 13 of them! and maybe a few hundred stars!  what a picture that would be.


At Toogood Pond, yesterday in Unionville, Ontario, Sunday morning coming down…  Writer:  unknown.  (i love reading/seeing this stuff.)


At Toogood Pond, yesterday in Unionville, Sunday morning stroll.  Artist:  unknown.  (what is the story?  i’d love to sit down and give it a listen.)


Main street, Unionville, Sunday morning, April 2nd.  (so hey…  that house style sure does stir up some ghosts for me!)

i walked the quiet streets, imagining the day when “they” let me go.