of course as soon as i write that i hear Dave Dudley singing the old trucker classic, playing on those 8 track tapes back in the 70’s…


so we got through Day 2 at the conference, with a great many things to ponder, me especially.  i got to looking at that slide and wondered what the definition of “more repetitive” is.  we’re talking Type 2 yes, but is it a month?  a season?  a year?  what about 6 years stacked on top of each other?  we’ll have to take that up with accounting.


Sunrise on Sunday, April 30th, Highway 7 and McCowan as seen from the 9th.


a few of the titles we purchased at the conference: no light reading by any stretch!  there wasn’t any time for reading on Sunday as we had to blaze up to Ottawa and handle some serious affairs.


remember Michelle:  never ever ever tell anyone about this…  (too many serious days can  really make a difference when the light duty is supposed to start!)


Sunrise on Tuesday, May 2nd, 7 and McCowan as seen from the 9th.


unfortunately for me I got away from my Jazzy Moon!  a father can’t spend too much time away from his daughter.  at least not this father!


she’s growing up.  the dreaded empty nest is looming up large for this old man.  for those of you in the know, if you have any advice on how to deal with this mega transition, leave me a comment!  otherwise if left on my own all i can visualize is me in this Winslow Homer masterpiece:


“The Gulf Stream”, Winslow Homer, 1899, oil on canvas, 28×49 inches.  (at the Met?)