was called up for some special services this past week and being an Anishnabe from way back, i had to go.  but when i got there, the scenes were rattling:


Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, May 4th.  drove by here many times or saw it out the No. 2 bus windows but never once set foot in the place, up until yesterday.


we arrived early so i had a chance to walk the grounds and read a few, like this one.  i stopped and wondered, what happened to Johnny Boy way back in November, 1888, when he was a spritely 25…  one thing is for darn sure: you can bet tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby that Jack never reached one iota of what he was capable of, while he was on this earth.  got me to thinking about how i conduct my own indian affairs.


yes indeed it got me to thinking, about a great many things.  i thought about my long gone indian brothers.  a nephew.  grandparents who i never really got to know and never knew where their final resting place is.  missed the whole deal with them: that’s the Sixties Scoop.


all these heavy duty thoughts were swirling around but i settled myself down when i thought about my dad, Jack i mean, not my indian dad, when he said:  everybody’s gotta go sometime, Red.  he said that to me way back, i think it was in the winter of 85.

i started getting the spooks, walking around in there,  and wished i’d brought my cigarettes.  a little tobacco smoke would have done me well in there but i went on with what i had: i brought up one of the twinravens prayers and imagined Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus, for a musical backdrop, to calm things.  pretty soon one of the boys came along:


here is a good reading of Miserere:

and so that was said and done.  never met the lady myself but i fully and completely understand how tough its going to be for some folks come later today and the next few.