whew!!!  i made it home.  yes.  i did come in during the night and i did come in on my hands and knees.  but as my dad would say:  you’re here now.


i have been away.  my paradise on earth is here, waiting for me!  and i have been here now, this is day 3, going sky clad, lemon water and bird song:


she is a paradise on this good earth and i am here upon it.

let me ask you this:  the lawn…  it has gotten away from me.  but what do you think?  let it go wild this summer or cut it down?

when i arrived on the range, CBC radio had some weird music playing and one of them was:  He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother”

i’ve got 3 dead and 2 missing.  so how come i am still here?