and so i’m back from the city of Toronto, back in Ottawa, and relaxing here on Island Park Drive, thinking about the grand and glorious scenes from Tuesday night.

i split the capital city at noon on Tuesday, hustled down to the Bloor and Dundas area of Toronto and just in the nick of time!  the party:  a preview of new work by famed Canadian artist Kent Monkman, at his studio, was set to go at 6 p.m.  i arrived on a side street at 5:50!

i walked my way over to the studio with butterflies and some nervousness:  it isn’t every day a fella like me gets to see a famous Canadian artist’s studio space!  we’re talking the magic factory.  this is where the almighty lands right here on earth.  i had been using my imagination for several weeks but here was the real deal, just five minutes away and me with a ticket to get in.


that’s the artist, sporting the green t and brown shoes.  there are 3 new works in the shot: mind expanding!  and big!  but check out the piece behind the 3 new pieces: the massive one, a work in progress, up against the wall…

we’re talking the big leagues: someone who is going, not only into the Canadian Art History books, but the World Art History books.


i absolutely had to see these:  the paint and the brushes!


some of the models:  a lively bunch of youngsters creating scenes and having a lot of fun with it.  that young lady in the middle, she’s in two of his new pieces!  i didn’t get a chance to talk with the others.


on the couch with one of the models: what a great living room set up that would be for us out there on the open range, back on “the island”.  or i’d like to write a one act play for Debajehmujig and insist that this is the set!


there is the man himself:  a gentleman in the old fashioned definition.  he put that hundred million dollar right arm of his around me and let me tell you that meant something to me!


The Well Heeled Indian!  (ha ha!)  well you’re going out or you’re not.  and the way i see it, anything worth doing in the fashion department is worth over doing!  plus i have to admit: i enjoyed the attention from all of those glamorous ladies at the party!

after the party i hit the diner with an old art school friend, a fun little diner way out there on the far ends of Bloor:  just the two of us in the diner at 10 p.m.  fun stuff.  then it was time to get down to business and make that drive back to Ottawa!

i arrived at Island Park at 6 a.m. but not before seeing the moon rise, the sun rise, and the mighty greens along highway 401.  what a ride.  and what a day!