wish me luck!  today i’m off to play in a rock and roll show with a band called No Reservations.  i co founded the band with some very talented native cats, way back in the summer of 1994.  it’s the first time playing together in 17 years!  it will be the first time we’ll all be standing in the same room, in 17 years…

i’ll be totally honest:  whenever i get going into something even remotely show bizzy, i get a serious case of the butterflies.  even last night, my dreams were filled with nightmares:  going to the gig and getting pulled over by the cops.  arriving at the gig and my equipment hasn’t arrived.  looking in my stage gear bag and instead of finding my sexy stage clothes i find a clown suit…   etc.

woke up around 4 a.m. and was pacing the floors like a caged wild jungle cat.  this is real man!


well that’s me, in July 1995, 5 minutes before the show.  i might look cool and calm but in reality:  i’m scared out of my mind.

here we go again, at the same festival, a brutal 22 years later…

wish me luck!!!