here is a trimmed down version of No Reservations reading:  Red Dog Blues.  of course the full version includes some wild guitar solo action by Mr. SC.  but this was a snap version of it before the party started at the Northern Lights Festival in Sudbury.  we found ourselves on the main stage on Thursday afternoon and…  well this is what happens when you put real people on stage with musical instruments, and real talent.  (unlike say…  NR being a bunch of whoevers with record players and a dancer…  )  No.  NR is a live music group.  real people.  and real musical instruments.

we wrote the song back in the summer of 1997 when NR had the house gig at the Red Dog Hotel, Whitefish Falls, Ontario, on highway 6, between Espanola and Manitoulin Island.  we had the house gig and wow, what a place for a house gig in the summer time: the sweet and beautiful La Cloche Mountain Range.  we spent many an afternoon down at the waterfalls when the water was running slow!  plenty of time for creative endeavours and fun sun tanning.  we had the BULL by the horns back in those days!

the song still stands.  here is Shag giving it a reading at the Northern Lights Festival before the doors opened, on the main stage, Thursday afternoon.  we were booted off the stage shortly thereafter…

NR is a group with many musical irons in the fire.  we can do it all:  Blues.  Folk.  Country.  Heavy Metal.  Thrash.  Punk.  Slop.  Fusion.  Rain.  Sticks.  Crackers.  and of course, Authentic NR.

here is one of our classic Blues tunes.  stripped down for fun.