and so here we are:  2/3rd’s through July, darn near half way through this glorious Manitoulin Island summer!  i look at the days coming off the calendar and hope and pray i’m getting my 100% from them.


after our wild weekend at the Northern Lights Festival in N’Swakamok, we all went our separate ways for a few days.  riding the “high”  that is a live No Reservations rock show!

one day i found myself here:


that’s inside the Providence Bay arena, right here on the south shore of Manitoulin Island.  what i was doing there wasn’t so clear but one thing was clear:  there were some kooky things to look at inside the cobwebbed and old rickety rack arena!


check out those goofy and wacky old skates!  even more amusing, take a read of that card with the “skate details”!  love the lead in line:  “a peace off the past”…  oh “Miles” you crazy arena manager!  are you sure you’re not a stand up comic?


and those old names in the trophy case!  Bill and Phil, now likely long gone, dead meat, dust and bones, gone forever.  i wonder what ever happened to those 2 whizz kids…

i do know Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic came out in 75.  Rocks came out in 76.  was it 77 when Rumours came out?


the on going show at Huron Island Time, at the pavilion in Providence Bay:  that is the almighty and last of the 008 collection:  A Self Portrait on November 18th, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, hanging and good to go.  two other very serious pieces to the right:  24×24 inches and 30×40 inches.  that art show continues to Labour Day.


detail:  the map hanging at the Prov. Bay pavilion:  there it is:  glorious Treasure Island,  my mother’s home, mapped likely before 1971.  you can tell because the new road that went through and cut my dad’s farm in half, is not seen here.  highway 551 goes right to the lake in this one.    back in the glory days i’d swim from where the big C is, in Carnarvon, over to the point where the number 15 is, and then across to the island, across that gap.  what a swim that was!!!  mind you, you had to swim past the mouth of the Mindemoya River and it was quite shallow there so you could kind of walk your way past that area.  a bit of a rest stop i guess you could say.  the real swim was from the point, near where Duff Brown’s house is/was, to the south end of Treasure Island:  750 yards of deep water!  (the trick to making that swim is a “low drag” swimsuit…  (in my case:  a sassy black bikini!!!  (ha ha!)))

we’re a long way from making that swim!  if i tried it today i’d be in the news tomorrow!


nope.  instead i am here.  in a cottage at sunrise.  drinking a cup of coffee, wondering…


the cedar grove:  my morning walk.  yeah.  you wonder sometimes, when there are a lot fewer eyes looking back at you, in the family i mean, old community too, how you managed to duck all the bullets and what the world has for you.

well as my dad would say:  you’re here now and that’s all that matters.