we’re on the range and it’s smoking hot!  beautiful island weather: hot summer days and peaceful nights under the Milky Way.  a grand and glorious way to spend a summer:  at peace on the green and blue!  the last day of July has begun.


the green and blue:  our walking path at sunrise!  with the end of July, it means we’re rolling up on that time when the spiders fill those fields with their beautiful designs and when the crickets take over the soundtrack, just after sunrise.  but we are still here in July, for just one more day.


Lake Manitou as seen from the dining room at the Red Lodge.  we used to go there back in the 70’s and i remember they had raccoons down there in the bar!  tame raccoons, sitting at a table, eating raisins…  well those owners and those coons are long gone!  but the view is just as i remember:  Lake Manitou with those giant old maples really is something worth seeing from that dining room.



beautiful Morgan, M.Sc., discussing the music selections while we blaze down the Bidwell Road, on the way home from Red Lodge.


unfortunately for me, i only get to see her a few times a year anymore…


oh my goodness:  to hear her words, her voice, to watch her walking across the lawn and down through the river…  what beautiful music she makes.


9 a.m., twinravens art show set up:  Roncesvalles United Church Arts and Crafts fair, Saturday, July 29th.  i’ve been going to the Roncesvalles United’s events for two years and let me tell you they have a great thing going down there, in that part of Toronto.  and there sure are a lot of friendly people in that neighbourhood!


Roncesvalle United Church and open air market, July 29th:  great summer day for an outdoor market!  and a very groovy part of town!  we always have a good time at their events.


11 a.m., the open air market in the parking lot at the Roncesvalle United Church, Toronto, July 29th.


5 p.m., alley way off Queen Street West:  after the show and sale had been folded it was off to the art supply store on Queen Street and gosh the climate can change pretty fast down there in the city of Toronto.  i took one look down there, while bogged in bumper to bumper traffic, trying to bug out of the city, and thought good lord we’re a long way from that blue and green!


intersection at Queen and Spadina:  famed loony tunes area for assorted art and music adventures in the twinravens art travels.  just up the street on Spadina is Gwartzman’s art store, which i visited for the first time while in art school.  i remember seeing a 30×40 inch Norval Morrisseau painting hanging up high on their wall.  and straight through the intersection, not far from where the photo was taken:  the Rivoli.  we played that place back in July 1995, doing a spoken word poetry event.  it was me, Shawn, Kev and Jen.  we never rehearsed it.  we just went and did it, off the cuff, me on the vocal and the NR front line in back.  we tore that place to shreds and nearly brought the house down.  what a wild night that was!  the NR crew were in their glorious summer colour:  native red.  tanned.


8 p.m., the Husky, just off the 400, exit number 64, near the town of Bradford.  met an art collector there and had a good chat, talked art and First Nations, shook hands and parted ways!  it was around this point in time i realized hey!  i’ve been awake for 2 full days!


sunrise on the range, Sunday morning, July 30th.  rolled out of the Husky parking lot and took the slow ride up to Sudbury, stopping along the way to view the Milky Way from such grand summer hide outs like Muskoka, the French River, and places in between.  it was a peaceful evening for a drive, a balmy 15 degrees at 3 a.m., but it was down right nippy when i rolled into the range at 630 a.m.


7 a.m., the Manitou, my front yard.  after two full days of wide awake, driving, art sales, and art supply purchases, i thought i’d stretch my legs and take a short walk down to the river.  there is so much water this year!  last year we had 40 days of continuous sunshine and that river was running slow!  it’s a different summer this year:  we have tons of water!  never seen it running so strong so late into July.


sunrise, July 31st, at home on the range, in Michelle’s healing building.  so after a full two days of travel and art fun, no sleep, i thought i’d take it easy on Sunday and maybe have an afternoon snooze but it never happened!  i muscled my way through all of Sunday and hit the bunk around midnight, after a game of dominos with our summer time visitors.  i think i broke my record on that one!  3 days awake!!!  holy waa!  but i hit the sheets at midnight and was out, in dreamland big time, until 5 a.m. this morning, when it was time to get up and go again!

you see July up here on the island is usually a time in paradise: the green and blue, the river, the birds and the night sky…

we’ll start sleeping in after November 18th.

it’s time for me to get ready for the Wikwemikong Indian Days and Pow wow Art Show, coming up fast this Civic Holiday weekend!!!