another beauty day on this grand island!  so many things to see right here on Manitoulin Island!


the full moon rising up over the range!  this was of course over the weekend of the Wiki Pow wow.


Jazz and her pal at Meldrum Bay, this afternoon.  tough bunch of gals!  they went swimming!  that Lake Huron water is down right cool!


sunset tonight at Providence Bay.  this part of the beach is in front of the pavilion and the Huron Island Time ice cream parlour where I have an ongoing art show.


Acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches, and one of my personal favourite works of art, created at the end of my Ottawa days, 2008.

we’re at home tonight.  our Ottawa visitors are gone, the house is very quiet and let me tell you it is super and ultra dark out there in every direction!  i can hear the river and the crickets but we can’t see a thing.