Providence Bay Fair weekend is here!  Back in the old days, 1972 to 84, it always meant:  the summer was ALMOST over…  Next stop: Labour Day and then…

I’m here on the range, waiting for paint to dry.  Outside:  big time rain, winds, and mild.  But I’m going down memory lane this morning, looking at some of the photos from the past 6 weeks.


No Rez, July 6th, Northern Lights Festival, Sudbury: first show in 17 years.  We’re working our way through Shag’s song:  For The People.  I got to looking at us, me, Jen and Shawn, and am I seeing things or do we all have the same expression?  What a weekend that was!


At Ravenseyrie Studio and Art Gallery, Gore Bay Harbour Centre, Aug. 2nd:  that is the owner and I guess you could say she has the corner office at that address!


At Ravenseyrie Studio and Art Gallery, Aug. 2nd:  she also has one of the “Before the Blue Moon” series in her private collection.  Acrylic on canvas board, possibly 9×12 inches, 2015.  One of my personal favourites.


At Ravenseyrie Studio and Art Gallery, Gore Bay Harbour Centre, Aug. 2:  Thank you Robin!  And many thanks to you L.G.


At Neon Raven Art Gallery, West Bay Indian Reserve No. 22.  Acrylic on canvas, 16×20 inches.


Sunrise on the range:  Aug. 15.  Alone in paradise.


At Huron Island Time, Providence Bay, at the beach, on going art show:  acrylic on canvas, 22×28 inches.  Sold!


And so, with either guitar in hand, or paint brush, ball point pen or spear, we shall hopefully move forward or at the very least:  hold the line.

The Prov. Bay Fair was always one of those markers along the way, and after 40 years of having been there and done that, switch roles!  I’m driving Jazz to the fair and I…  well I might have some inkling of what my mom was feeling back in 74.