i watched the last of the August shadows fade away last night, here on the range, alone, with a glass not half empty!  i had the Chet Baker playing in the kitchen, the windows wide open: the landscape was at peace, this boy was sitting pretty, looking out the window, using the imagination.


Cube Gallery, Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, on August 30th.  i was going to say stop by there and see some of my work on canvas but as it turns out, i think they’re sold out!  we’ll fix that before 2 weeks into September.


“Dream Weaver Dream Catching”  acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches, and SOLD!


The scene at Ten Mile Point, highway 6, Manitoulin Island, Thursday morning, August 31.


when i look back at the summer’s adventures the one wild time that stands out for me is the band, No Reservations, getting back together for the first time in 17 years.  we rock and rolled into the Northern Lights Festival in July.  that’s me and Jen, 20 minutes before our first show:  with butterflies…


on the main stage at the Northern Lights Festival, July 6th.  fun times!  No Reservations managed to deliver the goods.


NR, July 9th, playing the beer gardens at the Northern Lights Festival, and owning the joint!


NR playing “Indian Car”, July 9th, a rock and roll adventure!


Jen saying:  now this is a rock and roll crowd!  they really were a great audience.


a serious looking “yours truly”, July 9th, Northern Lights Festival: what an adventure!  and what fun memories.  we need to get the band back and turn it into what it was.


sunrise on September 1, 2017.  it’s frosty out there!  autumn is on our doorstep!  but i’m here on the range, yes, alone, but what beauty scenes in every direction and peace.  so it is Labour Day weekend, what good things do we have in store?