been out here ten days on my own and thank goodness the last 5 have been a blaze of sunshine!  that blaze surely does make for some awesome green and blue!


the range:  Sept. 9th, at sunrise.  i have since mowed down that lawn!  the party crowds have gone home, and Jazz is in the capital city with sister Morgan, Shell is down south.  it wasn’t such an earth shaker this time around, the Tuesday after Labour Day.  i guess i’ve made peace with it, accepted it, and must carry on.


sunrise on the range:  sometime in August, now long gone.  it is the time of the crickets!  and as an artist friend recently wrote:  “we have a million of those, unseen”.  they’re out there somewhere, right now as i write.  plus bluejays, crows and earlier this morning, there was an eagle to the east, singing its song!


the river continues to roar, at full stream!  won’t be long before the salmon are making their way up that little waterfalls.


sunset on the range:  this was a few days ago, once the rain had let up for good.  i missed the real scene by 10 minutes!!!  the lighting, just earlier was incredible.  and i missed it.


sunrise on the river: peace baby!  we’re a long way from the metro, out here!


“Looking For Venus”, acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches.  this piece has made it through another summer, hmmm.  it might be time to retire this one.


“Moose Nahmiwan and Great Grandson (me!)”, acrylic on canvas board, 9×12 inches.  i got to looking at this one and started thinking about the old and long gone grandfather.  so the story goes, his name was Moses.  no one ever called him that.  from what i understand the old man was called Moose.  after looking at the picture, it was on the sales table for 3 months, here, there and every flipping where, i decided to pull this one back.  i’m always looking for an idea with a great personal story and maybe…  could this be one of them?  we’ll soon see as i try it on a canvas and switch out the whites for some woodland colours.

well anyway: gosh it is tough to focus on the paint and the brushes when you’re on an autumn paradise like this one!