what beauty days indeed!  it can be tough sometimes for an artist who is fussing with the brushes to remain focussed when the skies are blue and bright, hot, and there is a river flowing through the front yard!


the Manitou is a roar!  clear and cool but perfect for those hot September afternoons.


all summer it has been blasting through here but these days it seems to want some artist friends.


a little Indian Summer tanning along side the water snake!  (not pictured!)


oh my goodness those bubbles are worth an hour or two!


good old “Wiggly, the water snake” is in there some where.  no sign of “Snappy, the snapping turtle”.


that little green space is an island and perfect for 2 Muskoka chairs.  usually i mow that grass and turn it into a room with a view but this year the river was thundering through there, completely not safe!  (this is also the place where “Snappy” likes to catch a few rays.)


and so she roars down stream, night and day.  that section is in front of the house.  sweet!


there is still time to work on that sassy tan line!  (ha ha!)


oh heavens yes!  there will be plenty of time at night to fuss with the paint brushes!


but for now, during the last of the hot afternoons, there is time to fool around in the river!