it was a short hop alright but what fun, visiting and dining with the ladies!  my time alone, 28 days…  whew!  it finally came to an end.  the good folks at Trattoria Caffe Italia know how to take good care of us.  and we have some fresh replacements delivered to Cube Gallery.  more importantly though, a chance to sit with and see the ladies, what beautiful creatures they are!


back on Island Park, seems like oceans of time have been crossed but really, the end of June was not that long ago.


flashy wheels cruising Exhibition Way, Saturday night!  perfect street name for a ride like this!

Moose Nahmiwan

Moose Nahmiwan, acrylic on canvas board, 16×20 inches. Painted on the Range in March 2015

on the drive home, starting out around 12:30 a.m., O Town to the Range, i got up close and darn near personal with a bull moose!!!  right near the back water outpost called Bisset Creek on highway 17.  i had the brakes full on and swerved into the oncoming lane, just barely missing that jumbo and trotting beast!  it’s kind of peculiar considering the painting subject matter from this month!  i’m getting ready to put Moose Nahmiwan on a 30×40 inch canvas and here was the real deal filling up my windshield at 4 a.m. on highway 17.  whew!  rock and roll over!


sadly, indio summer is over.  we had 19 days of it ending with a walloping 38 C/100 F, Sunday, Sept. 24th.  wow!  made for some grand and glorious times out there on the river, swimming with salmon and with bald eagles flying over head.  next stop is Thanksgiving Weekend!  have fun!