back in January i was finding amusements with the Joseph Boyden scam: Joe claiming to be native/first nations/indian or whatever you want to call it, and the national press getting big time, reporting some amusing stories on how the folks in Joe’s camp might say one thing yet mean another.  i chuckled as i read the story, and soon went down to Bank Street in Ottawa, visited the art supply and picked up a 24×36 which i’d hoped would become:  Joseph Boyden Meets Grey Owl, acrylic on canvas.

soon enough though i lost interest in the story and also discovered, through sketching on canvas board, that i didn’t have the brush working chops to pull off said painting, as i’d imagined it.  so the under painting sat at arm’s length for…  how long has it been?  9 months?  needless to say i’ve been looking at it for those 9 months, wondering…

yesterday i booted up the “art bridge” here on the range and fired up the twinravens almighty, and that 24×36.  it was a glorious autumn day for the creative endeavour!  windy.  sunny.  mild.  eagles singing down by the river.  ravens in the trees, watching.


“60’s Scoop Survivor, No. 1”, 24×36 inches, acrylic on canvas, by Mark Seabrook.

well the Joseph Boyden scam likely worked out alright for Joe, they’re making movies of his books and his sales figures likely went through the roof with all that wild press at the start of the year.  those 20 dollar bills can stack up pretty high, pretty fast when the national press is in on it, etc.

as for yours truly, out here on the open range, sun blazing down, “60’s Scoop Survivor, No. 1” inspires!  i do have:  “Indian Residential School Survivor, No. 1”, 30×40 inches, acrylic on canvas, but we’re holding that one back pending approval at a place where if it were, the beds we’d be making might make for a decent night’s sleep.