at Value Village, Highway 7 and 400, Wednesday morning: on the snoop for Halloween costume ideas and “things” for the cottage.


i don’t know…  opened up “The Book of Living Verse” looking for Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach, 4th stanza in partic, (it was there!) but instead was captivated by this, on the inside cover.  i wonder what became of Hugh, and i wonder if his Xmas back in 1905 was a good one…  (thought of my own poem:  thumbing through a dead man’s books!)(ah but it is one morning of many, October 25, 2017)


view from the 10th floor, 250 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario.  looking north.


amusements at The Stag Shop, Church Street, Toronto, October 25, 2017


a swanky address:  The Manhattan, on Charles, at the corner with Church Street, Toronto.  (hey Tash, do you remember March 9, 1987?)


nice shoes!  at the Brass Rail, Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario.  Oct. 25, 2017


at the corner of Yonge and Bloor Street, Toronto, October 25, 2017


“60’s Scoop Survivors: Lost parent.  Lost child.”, 20×40 inches, acrylic on canvas.  By Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  Painted on the range, during Indian Summer, 2017.