monday morning and a chance to look back at an amusing weekend on the road: to Ottawa, for the 19th annual, bells and whistles costumes or last minute costumes, it was a grand looking party and a great time.  i’ve been going to the Witches Gathering for…  well 17 years at least!  likely 18, and did we, as a rock and roll band, NR, play it twice?


back on Island Park, relaxing on the morning of the big bash.  hard to believe that just beyond those trees is the loud and proud runway they call Island Park.


fun decorations:  we were in at 5, decorated, lights out and doors open at 7, ritual at 830, dancing, fun and games at 10 till 2.


“where there is smoke, there is fire”, 2nd place for sexiest costume!  ha ha!


spooky table top scenes:  how would like to have a drink with this character staring at you?


“raven scenes on Halloween, 1 of 6”, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, by Anishnabe artist Mark Seabrook.  painted during Indian Summer, 2017.  i slipped 6 of these bad boys into the prize baskets but next year i think we’re going double down at the very least, with what can offer an outfit that will be celebrating 20 fun years and community service.  (personally i think everyone who dresses up and comes out deserves a prize!)


waiting for a taxi after midnight:  the reason why pole dancers use a pole is if you don’t have something to hang onto…  down you go!  the higher up you are, the further down you have to fall…  (i made it through the night without any embarrassing scenes!)


at the Savoy Brasserie on Richmond, Sunday morning, reading all about it in the morning papers!

always a fun time:  The Witches Gathering.  put together and hosted by volunteers, with an authentic ritual to assist in easing, i’m very happy to say that yes i have been going for at least 17 years and if all goes well, i’ll be at the 20th annual.