happy new year!  6 days in and 6 days in the deep freeze!  minus 29 at 12 noon.  wasn’t too far back i was rambling on about the heat wave, Indian Summer style, glorious September on the range, 100 F.

ah.  we’ll be back on the range sometime soon!  and this deep freeze will run along.


from the pages of the sketch book:  should old acquaintance be forgot?  when it comes to sketching an old idea: the answer is no.  at least in the twinravens art camp.  the character with the stories inside, needs to be revisited with a steady hand.


Tehkummah landscape, 2016, acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  Artist collection.  same can be said about the landscape!  there are a lot of very interesting books down here, packed full of artist stories (2 of my personal faves are Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko and how they came to meet Peggie G.!  inspiring!)


Tehkummah landscape, 1 of original series of 21.  2013.  acrylic on canvas board, 8×10 inches.  Artist collection.  yes x 3!!!  when i get back to the art bridge, there is going to be a brand new play in town!


Fun times in March/April 1987

“In a One Door Room, I Rise Away”, 1 in a series of 4, 1987, acrylic on canvas, 30×48 inches.  Private Collection.  hmmm…


well sure it might be minus 38 at night, but it is Canada and it is a winter wonderland.  so at night it isn’t such a bad deal me thinks: a good book or a film, the blaze and something full bodied from the red selections and maybe a little photo book featuring fave scenes from warmer days, ah yes!


one step at a time, into another year!  big ideas and high hopes!  plus a decent supply of art materials, and a room with a view!


i hope you enjoyed a warm and wonderful holiday season and will have many happy memories to cherish.  many wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!