Sunday morning, January 7, 2018:  at the Rotten R’s, 7 and McCowan, alone, but in with a diverse bunch of languages and “Pulp Fiction” style Sunday morning stories i’m sure.  yes i am here alone.  in days of old i’d be in here with a little girl who would call me Daddy, but she’s grown up and let me go.

you’d have to scroll through quite a few years of this blog to find the classic rock and roll story, the adventures of a father and his daughter, when my beautiful Mnageezhigaate and i were in a place like this, but in Ottawa.  she was grade 1 or 2, and one Saturday morning we were out together.  we took a table smack dab in the middle of the seating area and around were elderly ladies, all of them seated alone at their tables, separate and apart from each other, watching this man with his little girl.  she was stealing the show of course and as an ex stage actor, i knew my place and was playing the role of kooky side kick, comedic relief.

Jazz was going on about her week and her world and i was listening, as were the elderly ladies at the tables around us, and watching her.

i think the line was:  Dad, why would you leave this perfectly good french fry behind?

Jazz picked it up and started munching on it.  i replied:  Because it fell on the floor,  you wasn’t eatin it none now was you?  (i of course stole that line right out of an Oliver Stone movie!  (name that movie!))(and i tried to play it like the character in said movie-famed actor…  (name that actor) )

Jazz reacted in grand style, hacking, coughing and spitting the french fry out.  that was enough to bring a smile and even some laughter from the elderly ladies sitting around us.

and that was good enough for this old boy:  being with his little girl, and providing some smiles for others who were obviously very alone.

the french fry of course had not fallen on the floor.  it was on the tray, i was planning on eating that thing.  but the comedy was worth much more.

Photo on 2018-01-07 at 8.52 AM #3

we’re a long way from those days!  here i am today, alone, with U2: Where The Streets Have No Name, blasting over the house stereo.  ah but the memories…  i sure do remember the morning U2 The Joshua Tree was released!  i was on the home stretch at art school, spring was in the air, the end of that adventure was in sight.

those lights up there, in the above photo, kind of remind me of Ed Hopper’s 1927 masterpiece:  Automat.  the story goes that Ed sold that for a cool $1200 smackeroos!  not a bad exchange when you plug in what inflation does.  a gallon of gasoline in 1927: 10 cents?!!!

going back to the U2 thing:  i ran off to Sam The Record Man and bought the album right away and played the heck out of it.  loved it from front to back.  this was back in my “motel year”, 3rd year art school, and 3 years into being self taught on the guitar.  my band: The Fuzzy Lines, was still a power trio (ha ha!!) and still had not played a live show.  we had written a lot of songs together and pressed record on a ghetto blaster outfitted with a microphone i bought at Radio Shack.  we recorded about 50 songs, live off the floor, 3 acoustic guitars, throughout the 3 years of art school.  funny stuff!

one morning in my motel room, it was spring time, i was getting ready to fuss out the door and hit the studios for some painting.  Q107 was my radio station through the cable wire, so i had that station on night and day.  they of course were playing U2 Joshua Tree songs about 10 times a day.

so this one morning i’m getting ready to jump in the dragon wagon (a 1976 Pontiac Catalina 2 door hard top with the big 454) and take off for the school and this song, In God’s Country, comes on the radio.  i stopped and for those first 8 seconds listened intently.  pretty soon the big sound of the song started and i remember saying to myself:  i don’t know how, and i don’t know when, but one day i’m going to be playing a guitar in a rock and roll band and we’re going to be doing a big show.


well it didn’t turn out quite as i expected but here i am, last summer i mean, 30 years later, playing guitar with a rock and roll band.  p.s.  that rock and roll story isn’t over!


THIS!!!  is one of my favourite photos from that fun weekend, back in July 017.  5 minutes before the show!  butterfly city.

any who.  the days march to a set drum, folks come and go, and some are gone forever.  i’m still here!  good to go for now.  and it is before noon which means there are a lot of things a fella can do with a day.  so lets get busy and do it.