the Crib:  on January 22, 2018, foggy and mild.  inactive paint brushes going on a full 25 days by this point in time.  inside, up there on the 9th, it’s cosy and warm, an easy warm too, no fire keep.  been hearing things like “The Swan”, The Carnival of the Animals, among other like tunes, through these winter nights.


driving this limo, and waiting around in a few of the local strip mall parking lots for a you know who, i kind of feel like a gangster/mobster, with my long black coat and black hat, middle aged, looking around, sometimes glancing at a cell phone.  the folks who see me…  they’re giving me the eye.  possibly wondering…


we’re a long way from the scenes around Tehkummah and Snowville.  but then down here, we’re a long way from a lot of things.


Anishnabe at sunrise, Jan. 25th.  kind of peculiar how things work themselves out…


its not all gangsta mobster stuff in this boy’s camp.  there is still time to look at some art!  Le Voyageur sur la terre, 1958, oil on canvas, 33×53.5 inches, Jean Paul Lemieux (1904-90), Private Collection.  Currently hanging at the Varley Gallery, Unionville.

the gallery at Unionville has some pretty kooky things happening and on display, much of it, as far as i’m concerned, can be seen in a very short amount of time, but this one, Le Voyageur sur la terre…  hmmm…


Detail.  every now and again i see something that reminds me of my own long ago childhood experience, a piece of art that will remind me of folks who are now, long gone.


Detail.  or maybe its the composition itself: the use of 2 D space.  whatever it is, i had to come back to the gallery and take another look at this piece.


Le Voyageur sur la terre, Jean Paul Lemieux, and me!  (using the force…  (ha ha!))


also catching my eye:  Early Evening, Atlantic Shores, c. 1922, oil on board, 8.5×10.5 inches, J.E.H. MacDonald, Collection of the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, gift of the estate of, 1996.


Detail.  yes.  reminds me of back home, on the shores of Carter’s Bay, looking south at the great Lake Huron.  time is running out son…

and so!!!  the twinravens road show is gearing up!  although my paint brushes have been inactive for the past 30 days (not happy about that!)(sometimes though, what are you going do?)(write?) we are booking road shows and we ARE ready to go!!!  so i hope to cross paths with you soon!