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untitled, 2013, acrylic on canvas board, 16×16 inches.  Private collection.


A Self Portrait on March 22nd.

it wasn’t at the George Brown College pow wow, which was yesterday, and it wasn’t at the University of Toronto pow wow on March 11, so it must have been York University pow wow back on February 17, when someone came up to my paintings on display and, after giving them a seriously good and long look, said:  Your paintings come from a very dark place…

what i wanted to say in return was:  We didn’t come up through Indian Disneyland, we’ve seen a lot of action.

of course i ended up saying nothing.  but the fact of that matter is quite simple:  i love the colours of the night!  and i love the music of the night.  there it is.  i like wearing dark clothes…  and i like wearing black shoes.  (ha ha!)  my pow wow dance outfit is a mix of raven and crow feathers.  those shades of blue in my paintings, i can not get tired of looking at them.  so maybe they do come from a dark place:  out there on the island, where there is zero light pollution.


Important photos on display, on the 9th, March 22nd.


Highway 7 as seen from the 9th, 6:20 a.m., March 25th.


Good Old Blue Eyes, September heat wave on the range, 2017.

you see there is blue everywhere in this lad’s world.  even in dreams!  last night i was dreaming of HER, again.  i thought we were down on Providence Bay beach, south shore of Manitoulin Island.  it was in the summer time and she was wearing a black one piece swimsuit AND a blue jean jacket.  it was one of those days.  but the beach was wild and rugged, the waves rolling in were huge, and it was definitely not the south shore of the island.

ah yes:  shades of blue…  i love you…



Acrylic sketches


Acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, c. 2016.  Private collection.


Acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, c. 2016.  Private collection.


Acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, 2018.  Available.

up here on the 9th, with the blue skies deluxe, you can see colours in a brand new way!

Snap shots from the road!

hey…  i thought i heard a robin yesterday morning…  Sunday morning, March 11th, Markham, Ontario.  music to this boy’s ears!  i’m ready to bring on some spring time climes!  but lets go back a few weeks with the photo story:


acrylic on canvas board, 7×9 inches, from late January 2018.  i was dreaming about the wintery fields back home!


my sweet and beautiful Jazzy Moon, Zak’s Diner, Ottawa, February 7th.  hey i’ll be completely honest with you:  this stuff about letting your kids go, them growing up and leaving home, it’s one of the most difficult things this old boy has had to deal with.


McKay Arts Centre, that groovy studio space on main street, Unionville, February 27th.  hmmm…  a room like that, back home on the range, for those hot summer nights…


blazing down highway 401, 8:42 p.m. on March 4.  i love everything about my Jazzy Moon so i said sure, plug your music into the car stereo and lets give it a listen…  oh boy.  i heard 3 hours of death metal!  the last half hour of the trip was spent listening to the classic oldies station on the radio and thank the almighty the first song to come on was America’s Horse With No Name!


one of Karl’s works, with the owner’s initials embroidered inside…


and there it is, for 80 bucks, at the St. Vincent De Paul, Wellington Street, Ottawa, March 5th.  that coat was heavy, the real deal.  i wonder what husband paid a whack of $$$ for that, for his old lady, the both of them now long gone, dust and bones…  and here is this prized coat of hers, hanging in a second hand shop…  time marches on for all of us…


blazing up highway 400, 1:17 a.m., March 8th.  radio blasting!  no death metal!  i was on my own, going back to the north country.


Mask making, day 2, AOK indian reserve, Manitoulin Island, March 9th.  those are my two examples of what can be done with a neutral white face mask, markers, ball point pen, crayons, and one half hour!  there were some mighty fine looking works of art created by the 70 plus participants!  (email me if you have a group session in need of any art making activities!  we travel anywhere, any time!)


ah yes…  the old “Savage Arms” label with the ever popular “indian head” as part of the logo.  gun case, Canadian Tire, Espanola, March 9th.


the ROM, as seen from the corner of Avenue Road and Bloor, Toronto, March 11th.  fun place to visit but heaven’s lets go again on an off day!  the day we were there it was packed to the rafters!  (Viking exhibit)


University of Toronto Pow wow, March 11th.  long before the grand entry the vendors arrive and set up shop.  nice room for a pow wow!  lets go back to that one next year and bring the feathers along for some dancing!


“water spirit sketch”, acrylic on canvas board, 11×14 inches.  University of Toronto pow wow, March 11.  i like that one.


sunrise in Markham, Ontario, March 12th, as seen from the 9th!  it would appear, from where we are today, that spring is in the air!  i’m a big fan of changing seasons.  when i was out there yesterday morning and heard that robin singing, well that soon had me singing!

roll out the early sunrise!