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Monday Morning on the Range

let’s remember this one:


Tehkummah Winter Scenes No. 1, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 20×28 inches, Manitou River Collection.

i’ve been away for the past seven months and so walked into the beauty range address with a pair of fresh eyes for the art collection here.  that Tehkummah Winter Scenes especially caught my attention!

let me tell you the sunshine and blue skies sure do make a difference out here!  when we arrived, it was rain and MUD!  no green!  she’s all last year’s “stuff”.

ran into these two love birds:


looks like they came through the winter in good order!  the other 2 were out there somewhere on the range.  and the pooch, well she was never too far away from Shell.

New work.


Orion, The Hunter, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 16×20 inches.  Brand new!

We Deliver!

ah yes, and so it is gone:  the 36×48 has been safely delivered.  maybe we’ll see you again some day.


Whitefish Falls, April 10.  that’s highway 6 up there and what remains of the AER just behind it.  spring run off can be very spooky at a place like this!  you fall into that:  you’ve got about 15 seconds left to live.  i kept that in mind as i made my way down to where i took this picture.  i didn’t feel safe in my shoes and so went barefoot and let me tell you:  barefoot on what is left of one of the oldest mountain ranges on earth, barefoot through the last of the snow, barefoot over last year’s oak leaves…


the road to Willisville, Ontario.  i didn’t go all the way in there (about 2 miles).  i wanted to see the great wide open as seen from this very spot: a view of the south.  what a scene too!  beauty blue sky, sun blazing, vultures sailing the big northern breeze and way way up there, high above the mountain, seagulls swirling through the blue!


Queen and Pape, Toronto, Ontario.  April 2018.  hey Tasha!  do you remember that smoking warm March Break 1990?


Queen and Grant, Toronto, Ontario.  back in art school i had a friend who would have painted a scene like this.  (i wondered too, if my dad walked down this way sometime between 1935 and 38)

a 020

ah yes:  barefoot over stones!  soon my road trip will be over and i will be back home!  but we are here today, April 13th, a Friday!  and we have 4 paintings that need an hour of my time.  so lets have some fun!


36×48 inches!


the phone rang and we’re good to go!  we deliver!  they asked for something in blue and as you know…  that just happens to be one of my fave colours.  a 36×48, a fella like me can stretch his arms on!

A Self Portrait on November 30th by Mark Seabrook

A Self Portrait on November 30th, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 30×40 inches, private collection.

we might be going down this road, photo above.  those greens and blues need a special mix and a special kind of light!  we have tons of both up here on the 9th!


Acrylic on Canvas board, 9×12 inches

can we imagine for a few minutes, what something like this would look like on a 36×48?


Before the Blue Moon, 6 of 9

or say something like this!

Lost Sketch 1

Lost Sketch, c. 1987, acrylic on canvas board, 9×12 inches, listed as Missing In Action.

that sketch in blue, created way back in art school, sometime, likely in Feb. 1987, at Linc the Wizard Boy’s crib, 2nd Ave., Owen Sound, is also something we want to get back to.

Doc.  if you’re out there and reading this, please email me.  you have the big version of this on canvas.  i’m in the GTA.  let me come over and see it again.

as for the big 36×48, don’t forget!  we do commissions and we deliver!