well the truth is there is a lot of time.  24 hours boys.  that’s what we have to work with.


“water spirit”, 2018, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board.  artist collection.  i’m liking that grey: made with phthalo blue, cadmium red middle, and white.  (we need that room and drying rack that was the print making room, back in art school:  a very large room with big tables, and a drying rack that looked like it would hold around 200 pieces!)


“bear clan”, 2018, 18×24 inches, acrylic on canvas, private collection.  there is the colour scheme at work on something a bit bigger but lets imagine that colour scheme up around 36×48 inches…   hmmm.  i’m going to need to go back home for that one!


“wolf sketch”, 2018, 7×9 inches, acrylic on canvas board, private collection.  yes and how about this idea, developing into something on a 24×36 inch canvas…   (you see this is what i’m talking about:  so many paintings…  )


South Bay Mouth, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.  April 30th.  peaceful scenes at home:  it was just me, the great wide open, a canada goose and a dead deer…


my birch tree, on loan from Mother Earth:  my old buddy “whitey” and i go back almost ten years now!  this one is up there on the 20th Side road, right along next to my morning walk.  May 5th.


the entrance to the crib.  May 11th.  you see that baby grand over there:  no one is allowed to play it!  in all my days walking through the lobby i’ve never heard a single note coming from it except for the time i put my grubby paws on it and plunked out the first four bars of “October, Autumn Song”.  wasn’t long before security was there yelling “what in god’s name is going on here?!!!”

yes lads we’re in a strange land when we’re away from home…


and so we find ourselves at times, down in the parking garage, out of sight of the many security cameras, listening to some CBC…

_DSC1988 - Version 2

“Portrait of the Artist, standing outside the MacDonald house, Thornhill, Ontario”,  J.E.H. wasn’t home…

well if my hair gets cut, it will grow back.  and these paintings don’t get made on their own!  the hands of an artist, well.  i guess you could say all of the artist is needed at the table today.  so lets have some fun with it along the way.