that’s our bird, jam packed to the rafters last night, a full house with a bunch of indians on board too, all going to the same destination.  6 hours worth, sardines style but we’re here now.  it would be wonderful if i could jump on a bus and go downtown for a look around but we’re in here until 3 p.m.


i have a few of these bad boys stashed in the over head bin, we’ll see how far we can get with them.

and so.  in a strange land.  seems the folks over here don’t see a real live indian very often and so they gawk, slack jawed and everything!  as a proud Anishnabe from the Great Lake Huron, i’m walking tall but it would have been a home run had i worn one of my bone chokers or one of my raccoon skull necklaces…

i’m digging hearing all these different languages.  yeah…  too bad we can’t take a ride downtown!