Wednesday morning in Glasgow: one thing is for sure: the young gals up here are TOUGH! after we’d landed, found our rooms, settled, etc., it was time to hit the streets. i went for a stroll past the very spooky looking Gallery of Modern Art on Queen Street around 7 p.m. local time, heading in the direction of the nearest snort. found a patio, grabbed myself a table, ordered and began with the people watching.

it was cool out there. cool to downright cold! i was in my t shirt and thought yes, this boy needs his little black hoodie on an evening like this. but then i noticed the gals walking up and down the outdoor mall, wearing their mini skirts, no hose! and bare shoulders, long hair flying. pretty soon the waitress arrives with a glass of the local, she was a pretty young thing, same dealio, super short shorts, bare shoulders! and by this time i was thinking hey man, we are in the far north boons. i mean we’re above 55 plus latitude which in Ontario would place us up north of James Bay!!! maybe even up as far as the goddamn Belcher Islands in the Hudson Bay (a place i’ve never been to thank goodness). so yeah, it made perfectly good sense that it was cool alright. i mean it was to me!  these leggy locals i guess are used to this kind of thing.

nice to see a cop walking the beat! lots of bums, tramps and hobos out there begging at every street corner. and a lot of signs in windows everywhere you look: Shop to Let.

it was a short outing though. we arrived at Pearson Internation, Toronto, for 7 p.m. Monday night. flew out at 1115 p.m., 6 hours flight time, packed in there like sardines, Amsterdam at noon on Tuesday, a 3 hour layover at the airport bar, back on board for a 70 minute hop to Glasgow. by the time i hit the streets it was 7 p.m. local.

i had me a window seat on that 2nd flight and hoped to see a few things which i did: the white windmills out there not only off the shores of Holland but on the green hills of Scotland, wow! hundreds of them. yes. it would be nice to get in the rental car and take a ride out there and see it first hand.

AND SO!!! we have our orders from the boss: no photos or descriptions of where we are, what we are doing, who we are doing it with, etc. so i won’t be talking about the business day. i think we’re safe to share what we’re seeing once we’re out and away from the office. i hope so!

and so on the clock here on the computer it says 122 a.m. back home, but here, it is 622 a.m. i noticed a grocery store just down the street so i’m going to take a walk over there and see what’s what at 730 a.m.

i’m also running low on power with the computer. foolishly i neglected getting the power thingy that plugs into these kooky outlets. so i’ll have to be on the look out for one of those today.

not sure WHAT is happening today… my package does not have a start time for today… hmmm.

anyway. i’ll post this before the computer runs out of steam.


Gallery of Modern Art, Queen St., Glasgow.  she’s a mighty tired looking place from out here on the open road.  looks like they gave me the day off so i’ll be taking a walk through here later.