truth is i have no idea where i am on the map.  but it was one beautiful scenic drive from Glasgow to here.  we were rolling down a highway that could pass for the 400 out of Toronto:  beautiful green hills and wonderful scenes.  fantastic dwellings that must be hundreds of years old.


Queen Street, in Glasgow, June 1, getting ready to bug out.  as i stood there i thought yes, i might never be back this way again so i better snap a picture!


somewhere on the road, east of Glasgow, i think we’re north of Perth.  this was around 3 p.m.  fun little old fashioned town.  i’d have liked to stay here but they took 8 of us, me included, further into the boons.  not sure what we’re doing out here but they have us here for 8 days.  i’ll snap a few pictures for you once we get ourselves settled.

i guess now is the time to say this:  there are some super gorgeous young native women on this shoot.  i saw 3 of them today and holy MACK!  i mean stop the presses kind of holy MACK!  i saw one of them on the street this morning and she came up, introduced herself and said:  if there is anything you need, i won’t be far away.


(more pictures to follow shortly!)