i have no idea where we are.  some where deep in the green woods and hills of Scotland!


unknown body of water, fast moving, very dark!  as i was walking down this trail two things crossed my mind!  1:  should i even be out here on this trail?  and 2:  i had the theme music for the 1985 film Legend playing in my mind, me semi wondering if i was going to cross paths with Brown Tom and Screwball!  ha!


fast moving and very dark water, body of water unknown at this point in time.  no bugs! a pleasant jungle stroll and a complete 180 as far as Queen St. in Glasgow to here, in just a few short hours.  beauty drive into the boons.


check out that fence!  unknown road way running east/west.  i’m going to take a long walk this morning and see what’s up there.


a pleasant scene very close to where we are bunking for the weekend.  this place reminds of the scenes back home, along the Manitou.  but the water sure is dark!  i’m going on the snoop this morning so i’ll come back with a few more pictures.  i forgot that it is Saturday, so we’re not working today or tomorrow.  perfect chance to get some leg work sight seeing locally.