Sunday morning in the boon docks, down along Tummel Valley, just west of Loch Tummel.  it was a brutal 5 days at the office but the boss cut us some slack yesterday and even hired us up a flashy coach to take us down to Edinburgh for some sightseeing.  i was up for that!!!  perfect day for it too, sunny skies and a balmy 20 C.


there it is:  Edinburgh Castle, as seen from the attacker’s point of view.  i’d hate to be the one who had to assault that fortress!  you’d need the artillery in there first and the paratroopers second before you set foot in that crib.


the ancient Giles’ Cathedral:  big time old!  just east of the starting point on the Royal Mile.


inside The Royal Mile Tavern, lunch:  Haggis, neeps, and tatties.  very tasty!  had me wanting seconds.


a table for one inside the Royal Mile Tavern:  June 9th, in Edinburgh.  beauty!


very cool:  The Royal Mile Tavern.  we’ll have to go back there some day, and take a table for two!


at the Scotch store…  those top shelf bottles were priced at 300 pounds!!!  21 year old hooch, a little too heavy for this tourist!


nice work.  the complete outfit was for sale, 600 pounds.  also way too heavy for this Anishnabe!  but then where in Canada would an indian boy wear a kilt and complete rig?  i’ll spend the 600 pounds on the train rides.


the obligatory shot of a local jamming on the streets:  photo op for many.  (it might not look busy, people wise, but let me tell you the streets were jam packed with folks of all colours and languages!)


an address just north, off the Royal Mile.  this is definitely a “no high heels” part of the city!  cobble stone streets and some serious uneven sidewalks!


general issue street scene on the Royal Mile.  they only gave us 3 hours so i couldn’t wander off too far.  i’m pretty sure that is the intersection of The Royal Mile and Cockburn Street.


a view looking west, at the Giles’ Cathedral.  ancient!  i ran my hands across those old stones and…  well.  i’ll tell you when i see you.


big time churches!  and old!  another one along the Royal Mile.


walking the Royal Mile: big time touristy street!  no cops anywhere!  if this were touristy Ottawa you’d see the RCMP on every street corner!


the intersection at Victoria Street and Cowgatehead.  looking south south west.


looking east, Victoria Street, as seen from the Castle Arms patio.


over taking the classic, on the road out of town.  we had a great driver who got us in there and out of there hassle free!  a beauty drive, 50 miles south of our location near the town of Pitlochry.  we are not camped at Pitlochry but that is the assembly point and it looks like we’ll be, or i’ll be camping on the shores of Loch Tummel, for the next 20 days at least, unless we get a walking papers sooner or later!

more fun adventures to follow!