had the day off and the sun was high and bright so i hit the open road, B8019 on foot, thinking i was going to walk my way to Pitlochry, 12 miles away.  i started off bright eyed and bushy tailed, singing “i love to go a wandering” but 5 miles in the glam had faded big time!


i wanted to see this:  Loch Tummel.  we drive by twice a day, going to and from the office and i’m always wanting them to stop so i can get a better look.  what a scene!  looking south east.


looking south west:  check that out down there:  someone has a crib overlooking that scene and they’re the only ones around.  wowza what an address!  i can imagine this through the 4 seasons!


further along:  i still haven’t had my rack of lamb…


The Inn at Loch Tummel, ultra wowza!  this place is truly in the boons but inside it looks pretty swanky!  the dining room looks like a pretty grand place to sit down for a couple of hours.  hey we should go there in September!


pretty sure that is a cemetery down there.  couldn’t go in for a closer look as the private property signs were up.


and there it is!  Loch Tummel as seen from the Queen’s View.  glad i made the walk but the 6 miles man…  that was all i could muster for today.  hitched a ride with the bus at 230 and arrived at Pitlochry for 3 p.m.  beauty sight seeing adventure!