left the woodlands yesterday at 10 a.m., out to the train station, and booked a ride!  22 local bucks and 90 minutes to the town of Inverness!  now over there in Pitlochry it can seem like a fairy tale landscape with the huge trees, super greenery, soaring hills, open cliff faces, deep ravines, old rivers running here and there.  the train tracks cut through this, and the folks here don’t keep it trimmed back.  the trees and brush grow right up to the windows and in some places there is a green canopy.  sweet!

but a short 15 minutes north of here you’re in a totally different landscape.  you roll out of the woods and see something like this:


beauty landscape north of Pitlochry, south of Kingussie, on June 22.


north of Kingussie, on the way to Inverness:  over there you can see the windmills, all placed in that windy little valley.  a good plan i suspect but i would not like to see them in my back yard.


town of Inverness, as seen from the foot bridge over the River Ness, looking, i think, that’s south east…  (not sure truth be told… )


town of Inverness, that’s Bank Street, running north and south.  the river is shallow and appears to be running slow.


Bank Street, Inverness, Friday afternoon, June 22.  River Ness.


there she is!  the ever popular castle on the hill, overlooking the river and on the other side:  the valley below.  River Ness.  as seen from the Ardross Terrace.


groovy scenes along Castle Road, next to the River Ness.  it was close to here where i saw and heard “them”…


there was a lot more in that town, many photos to the tune of around 300 taken, but we don’t have the space for that here.  nor did i have the time to spend, getting in with the locals.  i was back on the train at 4, hoping to get back in time for the last bus out of Pitlochry at 550.  here is a scene just after leaving the town of Inverness,  looking west.


ah yes…  those rolling hills near Kingussie.  i’d like to walk that road over there, at night, at full moon, in the summer time.


the road to Tummel Valley:  just off the main road and going down that narrow and twisty back road called B8019.  just 12 miles from town to the boons, past and west of Loch Tummel.  i walked half of it the other day but we don’t have time for that today and tomorrow we’re to report for noon, the bus out and a plane standing by.  our movie making days are over for now.  i might be back on the range by Thursday at the earliest.  Friday at the latest!!!  (ha!!!  i say that now but i know nothing makes the Great Spirit laugh more than a man with plans…  )