Wednesday morning coffee in Glasgow, lunch in Amsterdam, dinner in Toronto!  wowza!!!  now that is a good old fashioned travel day!  we started out at 3 a.m., Queen Street, Glasgow, just as the party folks across the street were closing the bar!  one gal out there in a white mini dress and jean jacket gave me a free show!

but before we took off, we had Tuesday to play tourist.


Glasgow Central Train station: pulling out at 1130 a.m. and going back to the town of Ayr.  thought i’d go see the ocean from their point of view, one last time.


the beach at Ayr: glad to see it again.  walked it alone and let me tell you if i’d been wearing a “mood ring” that puppy would have been changing flash colours like a disco!


interesting…  these boys came to visit me a number of times on my last day.  this is in the town of Ayr, outside the family style fish and chips diner.  he/she gave me the look, said a few things and flew away.


house for sale, just up from the beach, town of Ayr.  what a CRIB!!!  i imagined that one on the back 90 at the tree line, back home on the range.  what an artist studio/party house that would be!!!


more swanky addresses in the town of Ayr.  i think that’s the owner walking at right, he was going for his fancy Maserati and didn’t look happy i was standing out there snapping  pictures.


yes:  quite the neighbourhood, town of Ayr.  i’d like to see this in September, Indian Summer of course!  (although its tough to imagine being anywhere but on the grand and glorious range, and the beauty Manitou River, during Indian Summer.)


back in Glasgow:  that’s the Central Train Station as seen from Gordon Street.


and that’s the hotel attached to the Central Train station.

next day we were up at 2, on the street for 3 (free show at around 315) and at the airport for a 6 a.m. flight.  all went easy at the Duty Free (i needed a 15 year or older bottle of scotch that couldn’t be found in Canada) and we were on the plane in good order, and on schedule.


there she is:  at Schiphol, Amsterdam.  she was another sold out bird, it was sardines style flying, 6 hours worth, me in with 2 young gals from Iran.


safely back at Pearson International, darn near where we started way back on May 28th. well I can say this much:  we maxed out those 31 days!

Scotland is a beautiful place and i look forward to going back someday.  next time we need to rent a car, drive those back roads and really do it up tourist style.  but after 31 days on the road, like that final afternoon in the town of Ayr, i couldn’t keep from thinking about another special place:


home sweet home:  i too, have the good fortune of a swanky address!  but at this address there are no neighbours, there is no light or noise pollution, and at times there are some very lovely ladies there!  plus 8 horses, 4 cats and 1 pooch!  blessed indeed…

but we’re not home yet!  i’m still in the city of Toronto.  we put another 24 hours behind us and i’ll be standing on that blue and green paradise!